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    Your Integral Component to Success

    By bridging the gaps between our suppliers and manufactures, shortening time to market,
    Serial System helps its partners to be more competitive in the marketplace,
    today and in the future.

    From Reference Designs to Industrial Systems

    We have been a valued source in providing trusted and reliable electronic components & custom industrial solutions.

    Automotive Electronics Accelerate Driving Innovation


    We insist on innovation to improve the driving experience by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly automotive electronics solutions.

    Connecting Consumer Electronics to life


    We deliver the latest and best solutions to help
    consumer products create your ideal life

    Our Businesses

    Supporting a network of global brands, Serial System is a leading distributor of electronic components and consumer products in Asia. It is also a strategic investor in businesses in healthcare and managed print services.

    Electronic Components Distribution

    Serial System serves over 5,000 customers spanning multiple industries including automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial and medical. Its major suppliers include ON Semiconductor, SK Hynix, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and TE Connectivity.

    Consumer Products Distribution

    Serial System offers key consumer products distribution, tapping on a large network and logistical expertise in electronic components to enable greater efficiency and synergy in business operations and regional presence.

    Managed Print Services

    Print-IQ Singapore Pte. Ltd. a 70% owned subsidiary of the Group is a Singapore-based managed print services (MPS) company with a keen eye on office automation. Print-IQ has helped many businesses realise benefits such as cost savings, reduced wastage, and productivity gains with MPS methodology.

    Hospitality Solutions

    Serial Multivision Pte. Ltd. (SMV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group that specialises in hospitality and healthcare solutions. Premise operators are empowered via SMV technology specifically tailored for their needs, complementing existing systems such as their backend ERPs.


    Medical Device Manufacturing and Distribution

    Contract Sterilization Services Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, assembles and distributes medical devices. Their products are marketed all over the Asia Pacific region and are the preferred choices of many leading hospitals.


    Corporate Profile Summary

    Serial System was established in Year 1988, listed in April 1997 and currently traded on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange, Serial System owns and operates a synergistic global distribution network built on strong partnerships with suppliers and customers.

    Serial System has a customer base of more than 5,000, spanning a diverse range of industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, household appliances, industrial, electronics manufacturing services, automotive and medical.

    Serial System strategically bridges the gap between suppliers and manufacturers all over Asia and beyond.

    Consumer/Household Appliances



    PC Peripheral

    Electronics Manufacturing Service




    Team awards and achievements

    At Serial System, we empower our people and provide them with the right resources and
    work environment so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading distributions of microelectronics components and consumer products distribution partner, known for our dynamic demand creation activities, extensive network and strong local expertise.

    Let's Work Together

    Quality, Efficiency and Success
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